"The kids really enjoy Cooper and Me and can’t wait to  read other books in the series, because like Alexa, they too like to create their own stories and books."

"I would reccommend Cooper and Me to parents with children just starting kindergarten or preschool!"

"I love how the book has a page in which to write about "My First Day of School" and also provides discussion opportunities for you to share with your child to aid in constructive problem solving."

"My kids 100% related to the little girl in the book who wants to take her dog Cooper to her first day of school."

"The first week of school, I choose books to help ease that anxiety. Cooper and Me is an excellent book to fit into that category!"

"While they [kids]  all enjoyed the story, my daughter was most intrigued by the fact that an 11 year old had written and published a “real” book!"

"This book is full of bright, colourful pictures set to rhythmic sentences that a new reader can read alone and is fun to read aloud."

"At the end of the book, there are questions to go over with children to help them explore the book itself as well as its concepts. Books are far more meaningful when we can relate what is read to something we’ve experienced in our own lives."