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Explore all the ways that Cooper and Me helps children build a strong foundation for learning and gain emotional resilience as they navigate the challenges of everyday life.

Cooper and Me and the Common Core State Educational Standards

Cooper and Me books and the accompanying activities have been created with the Common Core State Educational Standards in mind. Want to know how this book series is ideally suited to meet these standards?

Reading Guides

Find out how you can use the Cooper and Me series to help children unleash their imaginations, create special memories, and make learning together “paws”itively fun! Cooper and Me offers a perfect opportunity to reinforce that special bond between adult and child through direct communication about the story and the sharing of life experiences.

Resource Guides—No books required!

We believe emotional intelligence is so critical to children’s development that we have created FREE Resource Guides to offer every classroom and home. These Resource Guides offer activities for each book’s theme, plus you do not need the books to do the activities.