He is a mischievous,
fun-loving black Labrador
Retriever who loves making new
friends and going on adventures
with them. He is very silly
and can't wait to explore
new things! Cooper always
offers to help anyone in need.
As a former military dog,
Trooper is loyal, honest – and
you can always depend on him! 
Trooper is a German Shepherd
who is strong and protective
of his friends and family,
but kind and gentle.
She is a cute and
confident Morkie with her own
unique style and personality.
Bella is a good friend
and always treats others the way
she would like to be treated.
Though she's tiny in
stature, she's not afraid to stand
up for what she believes in!
She is a sweet, creative Poodle
who loves to sing.
Lily is a dreamer who
inspires others
to follow their dreams, too.